Patty Lee St. Martin and Armand St. Martin

have produced free to the community

*now in its 10th year*

The Annual


special commemorative multi-media event

every Anniversary Eve of Katrina

since the First Anniversary Eve of Katrina, August 28, 2006

at Landmark Theatres, now The Theatres at Canal Place (same location)

and offers an impressive array and variety

of respectful high-quality professional artistic responses

inspired by

the life-changing human effects of

Hurricane Katrina

presented by dozens of

participating award-winning talents every anniversary eve

above photos, down and left to right (c) Patty Lee, (c) Mark J. Sindler, (c) Donn Young, (c) Patty Lee

a respectful commemorative multi-media special event

FRIDAY   AUGUST 28, 2015


333 Canal Street * New Orleans, La



(except $5 each for feature length films:

Big Charity, The Big Uneasy, Forgotten on the Bayou with Q&A)

Under 18 not admitted

This year's sponsors include: 

The Theatres at Canal Place, George Solomon, The New Orleans Musicians Assistance Foundation, John E. Wade II, World 10, Octavia Books, Vivian and Richard Cahn, Doug Whitford, Kraemer Advertising, Ghost Riders Pictures, The Louisiana State Museum, Patty Lee Records

In the Lobby (throughout the day from Noon to Midnight)

Photo Exhibit: "Selected Photographs from the 'Hurricane Documentary Project' shot by Staff Photographer Mark J. Sindler for the Louisiana State Museum System” 

Podcasts: "Post-Katrina Interviews with Notable New Orleanians: Antoinette K-Doe, Frank Davis, Leah Chase, Armand St. Martin; Archbishop Hannan" by Craig Kraemer


Mini-Photo Exhibit by Cheron Brylski of the late Harold Baquet's photographs

Octavia Books/Tom Lowenburg exhibit of published Katrina books for sale

"Katrina Aftermath: A Slide Show (on computer) of the Hardest Hit Areas of New Orleans" by Dean Shapiro


Meet and greet artist participants; mingle and share personal Katrina stories with attendees


Gusto Cafe and Bar with menu for purchase by Chef Adolfo Garcia

Award-winning artistic participants also in attendance for Q&A in Theatre

(continuous from Noon to Midnight, 12 to 12 +):


“Welcome” by Arnie Fielkow, former President of the New Orleans City Council

Noon  - $5.00 - “Big Charity: The Death of America’s Oldest Hospital,” (Feature Film - 1 hr.) by award-winning Director Alexander Glustrom with Q&A

1:20 pm - FREE - “Katrina Shorts“:  "Katrina: One Day After at Bayou St. John" (DVD short) by Richard Cahn; “Project Katrina” (DVD short) by Chris Madden and Patrick Madden; “Forgotten on the Bayou” (Feature Film Trailer) by award-winning filmmaker Steven Scaffidi; “Home” (Short Film Trailer) by award-winning fllmmaker Matt Faust

1:30 pm - FREE - “New Orleans Kids Camera Project” (Slide Show DVD - 10 min.) by Founders Joanna Rosenthal and Ariya Martin with Live Music Accompaniment by Armand St. Martin, Hannah Schulingkamp,

Al Bernard, Otis Bazoon

1:40 pm - FREE - “River Pilots and Katrina” (Guest Speaker) by Crescent Pilots President AJ Gibbs with Q&A

2:20 pm - FREE - “Live Music of New Orleans Classics” with Armand St. Martin, Otis Bazoon,

Hannah Schulingkamp, Al Bernard

2:30 pm - FREE - “You Lift Me Up” (Short DVD) by Lamb Ministries Libba McEnery

and “First Responder” (Personal Story) by Lamb Ministries Chaplain Hy McEnery

2:40 pm - FREE - “Quentin Road Bible Baptist Church’s First Responders Starting the Day After Katrina” (Feature-length Film - 50 min.) by Dr. James A. Scudder, Senior Pastor; Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.; Pastor Neal Dearyan; Pastor David Rende; Pastor “Matt”; Pastor Jon Tanney; and more

3:30 pm - FREE - “Katrina Thoughts” (Guest Author Speaker, Book Signing in Lobby)

by John E. Wade II with Q&A

4:00 pm - FREE - “Cooking Up a Storm: Recipes Lost and Found from the Times Picayune” (Guest Author Speaker, Book Signing in Lobby) by Co-Author Judy Walker with Q&A

4:30 pm - FREE - “Swimming Against the Holy See: New Orleans Church Closings” (Feature Film - 50 min.) by award-winning filmmaker Craig Kraemer with Q&A

5:30 pm  - $5.00 - “Big Charity: The Death of America’s Oldest Hospital (Feature Film - 1 hr.) with award-winning Director Alexander Glustrom with Q&A

6:50 pm - FREE - “Contraflow” (Live Music Performance) by Dr. Edward St. Martin and Armand St. Martin

7:00 pm - $5.00 - “Forgotten on the Bayou” (aka Rockey Goes to Washington Towing his FEMA Trailer from St. Bernard Parish); (Feature Film - 1 hr. 24 min.) by award-winning filmmaker Steven Scaffidi of Ghost Rider Pictures with Rockey Vaccarella and Q&A

8:45 pm - $5.00 - “The Big Uneasy with Harry Shearer” (Feature Film - 1 hr. 38 min.) by award-winning filmmaker Harry Shearer with Q&A; Introduction to Harry Shearer by Bethany Bultman, President NOMAF

10:45 pm - FREE - “Katrina Accomplishments of the New Orleans Musicians Assistance Foundation (NOMAF)” (Guest Speaker) by NOMAF New Orleans Director Erica Dudas

10:55 pm - FREE - “Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans” (Music Performance, Sax Solo) by Steve Allen

11:00 pm - FREE - “Home” (Short Film, and also Short Film Trailer) by award-winning filmmaker and Tribeca Film Festival First Place for Documentary Short “Home” by Matt Faust with Q&A

11:20 pm - FREE - "Orleans Lullaby" (Live Music Performance) by Armand St. Martin

11:25 pm - FREE - “Lower Ninth Ward Katrina Story Never Before Told in Public” (Personal Saga and Rooftop Survivor) by Robert Lynn Green, Sr. with Q&A

11:35 pm - FREE - “Second Line - Second Life” (Short Film - 23 min.) by Rick Lavine, M.D. (chronicling Robert Lynn Green, Sr.’s second-lines since Katrina)

11:58 pm - FREE - “We’ll Meet Again” (Live Music Performance) by Hannah Schulingkamp and

Armand St. Martin

Midnight - 10 seconds of silence for those who perished with 10 seconds of single bell ringing

Midnight - FREE - “Stillness. . . the aftermath of Katrina” (Short Film - 20 min.) by award-winning photographer Dennis Couvillion whose film is the only film shown every year since the first Katrina anniversary

12:20 am (after midnight) - FREE -

“Live Music Performances Celebrating New Orleans Rebirth” by Armand St. Martin, Steve Allen, Hannah Schulingkamp; “Katrina” by Steve Allen; “Waitin’ For My Trailer” by Armand St. Martin, and more

12:30 am (after midnight)  - FREE - The 10th Annual Katrina Artistically Revisited concludes at 12:30

Produced by Patty Lee and Armand St. Martin

KAT 10

photo (c) Dennis Couvillion











10th Annual

Katrina Artistically Revisited

10th Annual

Katrina Artistically Revisited